Author Picture

Kunal Grover

Kunal is just another 21-year-old lad who lives in the capital of this culturally diverse nation, currently pursuing his education and career in the Hospitality and Tourism sector. This young boy always had unusual story concepts hovering around his head, just until he started writing them. Slowly and gradually he organised his thoughts, penned them down, and the result came out to be ‘Secrets Behind A Bloodline’.

Apart from writing his thoughts and stories down, he also creates astounding art pieces, be it graphite or charcoal or even colours! He also likes to spend time with his family and friends as well.

Kunal is not only an artist or just an author, but he also loves to travel just in search of peaceful places where he could just grab a pen and a piece of paper to write short poems beautifying that particular place, that he calls ‘a peaceful paradise’!