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Gaurav CJK

26 September 2001

I'm a 3rd-year mechanical engineering student and I discovered my infatuation for writing in 7th grade. My founts can barely be called poems as they were just grammatically fallacious sentences, garbled simply because of a rhyme scheme. However, those 'poems' paved an artistic journey for me that I embarked upon, and this journey has become an intrinsic part of my identity. I knocked on Instagram's door in 2017 and since then, there's been no looking back. I gradually inclined towards spoken word poetry too, by participating in various open mics and hosting a live reading show on Instagram, for the community 'Eunoia Prompts'. I'm so grateful to come across various writers on Instagram, as well as collaborate with some of them. These experiences, along with exposure to literature in high school, helped me grasp various nuances of writing. My love for films intertwined with that of writing, which encouraged me to co-create some short films too. This is my first individual book and hopefully, the first of many.